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Snack Plates : Set of 2

Snack Plates : Set of 2

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Where eco-friendly dining meets boundless creativity!

Crafted from sustainable wheat straw, these plates are not just for meals; they're versatile canvases for imagination. Use them to serve snacks, fruits, or small meals, and then let your child's creativity soar. They can also be used as delightful holders for small trinkets or even as mini gardens for growing sprouts or herbs.

The possibilities are endless, igniting a world of exploration and imaginative play. Let your child's imaginations run wild while reducing waste and nurturing a love for sustainable living.

Product Details

Product Box Contains:
- 2 Nos. of Snack Plates

Box Dimensions: 8.5X5.5X1.25"
Weight: 152gm

Country of Origin: India


- Wheat Straw Fiber
- BPA free
- Food grade PP


8 X 5 inches

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